Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the people behind Honor Educational Services?

Please take a moment to visit the Our People section of our website to view information on our Brevard County instructors. Our instructors share a common belief that an educated public brings value, not just to the community but ultimately to our various professions through goodwill and understanding.

What, essentially, does Honor Educational Services do?

Our instructors go out into the community and speak from their professional knowledge, background, and experience. Typically, our instructors go to where your group already gathers. We give educational presentations on our particular areas of expertise. Our instructors provide an enriching educational experience for your employees, members, or associates.

Where are your educational events held?

We rarely advertise or host educational events open to the general public. Our events are usually held where groups already are, such as during the lunch hour at a business ("lunch and learn"). A key contact person in your company or organization would work with us in advance to schedule a series of presentations. We would then come out to your location at a convenient time on set dates.

You must be selling something. Are you?

No products or services are sold, endorsed, or marketed in any way. Our instructors do not give out business cards (members do carry Honor Educational Services membership cards and may give them to seminar attendees). When meeting with your group, our instructors are there to educate and inform. If attendees of an educational event wish to take advantage of a complimentary consultation provided by our instructor, we are glad to provide it.

What do you charge?

Our educational events are provided at no cost. We do not charge any fees.

If you do not charge and you're not selling products, what's in it for you? Why are you doing this?

Our instructors go into their communities providing a "pro bono" service to those organizations that seek to take advantage of Honor Educational Services. Our instructors are a unique group of service-minded professionals. Too often, we deal with the fallout of people's poor decisions in regards to their money, their health, their property, or the law. Education and forethought can prevent much of the problems we see among the public in our working lives. By offering our educational workshops, instructors gain some visibility and a higher profile. We give first by speaking knowledgeably about things people really need to know about. At a later date, that might lead to new business relationships that are mutually beneficial to our instructors and the friends they make in the community.

Honor Educational Services

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